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 The rules and regulations

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PostSubject: The rules and regulations   Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:01 pm

1 ) No links to or attachements with pirated software, we'll have none of that. People who hint at owning cracked software, post illegal software or downloadlinks will get banned and have their info forwarded to the softwarecompanies. If someone tries to sell you cracked software on this forum please report them to us.

2 ) NO posting of tuned files at all. Some people work hard at them. Respect that. We are here to learn and share information, not be lazy and steal other people's work.

3 ) No linking to ebay advertisements, no linking to webshops with chiptuning tools. Advertising your own company in signatures is not allowed unless you are a banner advertiser. If you want to advertise your chiptuning company or services, contact me through pm.

4 ) Respect other people and their opinions, nobody knows everything, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

5 ) We don't guarantee the information on this site.
What you do to your or other people's cars is your own responsibility.
Use common sense, as always.

6 ) Don't just register and post this as your first message :"Someone tune my car please."
This is not a forum for freeloaders. You can come here to discuss and learn. If you stick around and get to know some people, and you are lucky, someone may just help you out.

7 ) The views expressed by the members do not reflect those of the owners of the forum.

8 ) NO SELLING OF TUNEFILES OR SERVICES through the forum if you are not labeled as a -Pro Section - user. You may request this status from the admin. There have been too many problems with unsuspecting victims.
We regularly create fishbait accounts for this.

9 ) No discussions on key copying, immo removal, odometer correction or cartheft allowed. Discussions about cloning broken ecus are allowed. Anything beyond that gets locked.

10 ) Creating multiple accounts is not allowed. There is no valid reason to create duplicate identities.

11 ) The for sale section is only for selling USED equipment. Only master tools and official software/equipment are allowed. Due to prior issues with people being scammed, before you make your post you must provide the serial numbers of the tools to the admin or post them in your for sale thread. Slave tools are not meant to be in the for sale section
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The rules and regulations
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